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From the basics of color correction to the creation of an original look,
we provide you with the know-how to bring the best out of any material.

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Whether you are still a beginner or already have experience in color grading or cinematography, we offer different courses that you can choose from depending on your skill-level.

Perfect for both freelancers and post-production employees, our curriculum not only provides you with a set of new skills, but also an official certificate and a detailed handbook.

What you can expect from our courses

1. Hands-on Learning

Designed and taught by leading experts in their field, our courses pursue a hands-on approach, where for a maximum of six participants, learning is individual and highly practical.

2. Individual Tutoring

Bring a head full of questions and if you want, your own material to practice on. Unlike a YouTube tutorial our tutors help you solve problems individually and answer specific questions right away.

3. ideal location

Our workshop spaces with accompanying grading suite offer a great learning environment and high-end equipment to try out your new skills.


At the end of each course you will receive an official certificate validating your participation and a handbook to take home and use as future reference.

Our Courses

The Basics: Introduction to Color Grading

Tickets starting at 499€ | Berlin, Leipzig

You got the general gist but would still consider yourself a beginner when it comes to color grading? Then this course is perfect for you. You’ll learn about the significance of color for the look of a film, how to color correct material successfully and how to properly use your software.


Tickets starting at 599€ | Berlin, Leipzig

You have worked in color grading for a while and know your way around your software, but want to know how to use it to its full potential? In this course, which is all about “creating the look”, you’ll learn how to analyze your material and take the right steps to create a look that is tailored to footage and story.

Hear what our Participants have to say

Even for someone like me, with only little sensibility for color, the course was exactly right. You’re taught the technicalities of color correction and grading, not only through theory and examples but also insider knowledge you wouldn’t get from a YouTube tutorial.

Petar Manov

Cinematographer, Cutter,

Axel’s teaching style is very accessible and entertaining. Many different areas were touched on in the course, well explained and could be applied immediately. Ideal for everyone with a bit of prior knowledge.

Romek Watzlawik


The course was very hands-on and therefore extremely helpful form my work. Axel manages to create a very comfortable learning atmosphere, takes time for questions and answers them thoroughly. He is a master of his craft, who can teach you a great deal! Thanks a lot! 

Jochen Riecke

Creative Director, Springhorn.Media

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