Introduction in the Art & Science of Color Grading

You got the general gist but would still consider yourself a beginner when it comes to color grading? Then this course is perfect for you. You’ll learn about the importance of color for the look of a film, how to color correct material successfully and how to properly use your software.

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Chapter 1 : Getting to know the Workflow

First things first, what are the ideal conditions for color grading and which hardware do you need? You will also learn how to correctly set up DaVinci Resolve and get to know the interface.

Chapter 2 : Color Pipeline

Learn the most important steps and the right setup to ensure the material retains it’s original quality after grading.

Chapter 3 : Codecs

You’ll learn how to decide which tools to use and how to trouble shoot, depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the material.

Chapter 4 : Ingest & Conform

Media can be imported in a variety of ways. Learn how to keep the timeline in tact and to fix and prevent possible issues.

Chapter 5 : Color Correction

Let’s get into the thick of it, how to balance and match clips in a scene and use memory colors to your advantage?

Chapter 6 : Color Grading

Get creative and learn what it takes to design a professional grade from scratch.

Chapter 7 : Export & Delivery for Web, TV or Cinema

Last but not least: Exporting material and delivering it for different viewing formats.

Your Instructor

“The symbiosis of shooting and grading is an crucial one and decisive for the final look of a film”

Axel Rothe | Senior Colorist

Based on years of experience in the field and as a coach, he founded the Van Rothe Academy with the goal to share knowledge with a hands-on approach to encourage creativity and curiosity in the film industry.



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Courses are held in German in Leipzig and English in Berlin.

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